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Appeal against sentence in the case of R v Bronson Essay Example

Appeal against sentence in the case of R v Bronson Essay Example Appeal against sentence in the case of R v Bronson Paper Appeal against sentence in the case of R v Bronson Paper this should be reduced to 1year and 6 months. I would rede that advocate argue for 25-30 % decrease for the guilty supplication. This would go forth a sentence of 12-13 months. If the pre sentence study recommends a non-custodial sentence so it would be deserving reasoning for a suspended sentence with the status that the suspect undertakes intervention for his intoxicant dependence, in the involvements of rehabilitation. Written Reasons non to Stay the Proceedings and Re-charge with subdivision 97 Offense. The New South Wales Prosecution Guidelines paragraph 20 ballad out the fortunes in which a supplication of guilty to a lesser offense should be accepted to avoid a test for the more serious offense. They are as follows: The alternate offense reflects the indispensable criminalism of the behavior. The grounds to back up the prosecution instance is weak in any regard. It will salvage a informant, peculiarly a victim or other vulnerable informant from the emphasis of testifying. The economy of cost and clip weighed against the likely result of the affair if it were to continue to test is significant In this case, the suspect was charged at the constabulary station with the subdivision 94 offense and it is non hence a instance on which the prosecution have had to make up ones mind whether or non to accept a supplication to a lesser charge. However, the same rules ought to use. Accordingly, I would subject that the subdivision 94 offense basically encapsulates the criminalism of Mr Bronson. It is accepted that the piece of wood would likely fall within the significance of ‘offensive arm for the intents of the subdivision 97 offense as defined by subdivision 4 ( 1 ) of the Crimes Act 1900: â€Å"†¦any thing that, in the fortunes, is used, intended for usage or threatened to be used for violative intents, whether or non it is normally used for violative intents or is capable of doing harm.† However, whilst Mr Bronson did pick up the wood and beckon it towards the victim, he did non really utilize it for force. The hassle and pickings of the billfold took topographic point after he no longer had clasp of the wood. The grounds to back up the fact that the offense took topographic point in the company of another is well weakened by the fact that the other wrongdoer escaped at the scene and can non hence be produced to back up the Crown’s instance. The defendant’s guilty supplication to the subdivision 94 charge has spared the victim the emphasis of attesting at a test to find his guilt on the subdivision 97 charge. Overall, in my entry, the economy of cost and clip by accepting the supplication to the subdivision 94 offense well outweighs the possibility of an alternate result at test. Even if the suspect were to be found guilty of the more serious subdivision 97 offense, the difference in sentence would non be enormously important. The arm used was non peculiarly lifelessly and as stated above, Mr Bronson did non strike the victim during the offense. Furthermore, the offense and peculiarly the usage of the wood were timeserving instead than pre meditated. I would therefore argue that the involvements of justness and the populace would be best served by keeping the current guilty supplication for the subdivision 94 offense. Bibliography Literature Review Aas, K F.Sentencing in the Age of Information: From Faust to Macintosh[ Glasshouse imperativeness ( 2005 ) ] Bargaric, M.Punishment and Sentencing: A Rational Approach[ Cavendish ( 2001 ) ] Clarkson, C and Keating, H.Condemnable Law Texts and Materials[ Sweet and Maxwell ( 2001 ) ] Von Hirsch, A and Ashworth A ( explosive detection systems )Principled Sentencing Readings on Theory and Policy[ Hart Publishing ( 1998 ) ] Referenced Crime ( Sentencing Procedure ) Act 1999 Siganto v The Queen( 1998 ) 194 CLR 656 RoentgenVThomson A ; Houlton( 2000 ) 49 NSWLR 383 RoentgenVDe Simoni( 1981 ) 147 CLR 383 RoentgenVSutton[ 2004 ] NSWCCA 225 RoentgenVSharma( 2002 ) 54 NSWLR 300 Sentencing Bench Book New South Wales. Robbery paragraph [ 20-210 ] RoentgenVGrainger( unrep, 3/8/94, NSWCCA ) RoentgenVRend[ 2006 ] NSWCCA 41 RoentgenVSmith A ; Desmond[ 1965 ] AC 960 R V Henry[ 1999 ] NSWCCA 111 R V Griggs ( 2000 ) III A Crim R 233 RoentgenVStanley[ 2003 ] NSWCCA 233 Morris, N and Howard, C.Surveies in Criminal Law ( 1964 )pp175 Vakalalabure V State ( No 2 ) [ 2007 ] 1 LRC 79 Crimes Act 1900 New South Wales Prosecution Guidelines 1

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Learning German Adjectives and Colors

Learning German Adjectives and Colors German adjectives, like English ones, usually go in front of the noun they modify: der  gute  Mann (the good man), das  große  Haus (the big house/building), die  schà ¶ne  Dame (the pretty lady). Unlike English adjectives, a German adjective in front of a noun has to have an ending (-e  in the examples above). Just what that ending will be depends on several factors, including  gender  (der, die, das) and  case  (nominative, accusative, dative). But most of the time the ending is an -e  or an -en  (in the plural). With  ein-words, the ending varies according to the modified nouns gender (see below). Look at the following table for the adjective endings in the nominative (subject) case: With  definite article  (der, die, das) -  Nominative case Masculineder Femininedie Neuterdas Pluraldie der neu Wagenthe new car die schn Stadtthe beautiful city das alt Autothe old car die neu Bcherthe new books With  indefinite article  (eine, kein, mein) -  Nom. case Masculineein Feminineeine Neuterein Pluralkeine ein neu Wagena new car eine schn Stadta beautiful city ein alt Autoan old car keine neu Bcherno new books Note that with  ein-words, since the article may not tell us the gender of the following noun, the adjective ending often does this instead (-es  Ã‚  das, -er  Ã‚  der; see above). As in English, a German adjective can also come  after  the verb (predicate adjective): Das Haus ist groß. (The house is large.) In such cases, the adjective will have NO ending. Farben (Colors) The German words for colors  usually function as adjectives and take the normal adjective endings (but see exceptions below). In certain situations, colors can also be nouns and are thus capitalized: eine Bluse in  Blau (a blouse in blue); das Blaue  vom Himmel versprechen (to promise heaven and earth, lit., the blue of the heavens). The chart below shows some of the more common colors with sample phrases.  Youll learn that the colors in feeling blue or seeing red may not mean the same thing in German. A black eye in German is blau (blue). Farbe Color Color Phrases with Adjective Endings rot red der rote Wagen (the red car), der Wagen ist rot rosa pink die rosa Rosen (the pink roses)* blau blue ein blaues Auge (a black eye), er ist blau (hes drunk) hell-blau lightblue die hellblaue Bluse (the light blue blouse)** dunkel-blau darkblue die dunkelblaue Bluse (the dark blue blouse) grn green der grne Hut (the green hat) gelb yellow die gelben Seiten (yellow pages), ein gelbes Auto wei white das weie Papier (the white paper) schwarz black der schwarze Koffer (the black suitcase) *Colors ending in -a  (lila, rosa) do not take the normal adjective endings.  Ã‚   **Light or dark colors are preceded by  hell- (light) or  dunkel- (dark), as in  hellgrà ¼n  (light green) or  dunkelgrà ¼n  (dark green).

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Travel report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Travel report - Essay Example Kilometers (Madeline 6). Summers are scorching and dry, and winters are trivial. Most of the rain falls during November-February. Temperatures rise to 30 C in midsummer, but the brisk breeze cools the air. The sunny and warm coastal are ideal for tourists. Most of the fruits, cotton, vegetables, tobacco and grain are grown on the coast (Madeline 7-8). Turkey’s population is about 65 million. Majority of the population is extremely young with 30 percent of the population under 15 years. 40 per cent of the citizens live in the state side though there have been a move to town in large numbers lately. Population density is premier on the business, industrial and tourist areas of the Aegean, Marmara and the Mediterranean regions and lowest on the rural areas of the southwest Turkey (Madeline 11). The first chief empire was built by Hittites which came to an end when Turkish people dominated Anatolia which saw the development and growth of the Ottoman Empire. During World War 1, the empire entered into alliance with Germany, and it was defeated and occupied. This transformed the politics of the country. It prompted the beginning of a nationalist movement which repelled the occupying armies and liberated the country. During World War II, it became a chartered member of United Nations. It political system is based on separation of powers among the Constitution, Executive and Parliament. The president is elected by the Grand National Assembly every seven years (Madeline 13-15). Turkey has a varied culture resulting from various elements of Ottoman Empire, European and Islamic traditions. Turkish culture has significantly changed from the religion driven Ottoman Empire to the modern nation state with an extremely stout separation amongst state and religion. Because of diverse historical features playing domineering role in defining Turkish Identity, it culture is an indispensable amalgamation of clear struggles to be modern and Western,

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U.S. Commercial Rayon Fiber Production Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

U.S. Commercial Rayon Fiber Production - Essay Example But this artificial production of the fibers is just a century old. It was in 1890s that the first artificial silk, which was nothing but rayon made its beginning as a commercially produced fiber and it was in the year 1911; American Viscose Company, the first company to pioneer artificial fiber production began producing rayon.2 Though the fiber revolution begun in later half of 19th century, its roots have got a beginning with the description on minute bodies in the book â€Å"Micrographia† by Robert Hooks in 1665.3 That humble beginning got translated into the production almost two centuries later and now this man made fiber production has reached up to 24 million ton. These artificial fibers have got its application not only for apparel manufacturing but also for home furnishings, medicine and many others.4 Rayon was first artificially produced fiber and was called as artificial silk. Developed in France by Count Hilaire de Chardonnet, this fiber despite being a man-made product is still not synthetic.5 Its production involves wood pulp which is a naturally occurring raw material. The basic nature of rayon is very much like naturally occurring fibers such as cotton or linen. The industry as of now produces four different types of rayon namely Regular rayon, High Wet Modules (HWM) rayon, High Tenacity Rayon and Cupramonium Rayon. The production of these different types is due the use of two different chemicals and varying manufacturing techniques.6 The United States at one time was the leading producer of rayon with companies like Viscose Co. and DuPont being the two largest producers in US. But as of now there is not even a single rayon manufacturer in United States.7 Rayon still forms a major part of total fiber consumption with companies mostly from Europe and Asia are making it avai lable to the customers. The production of rayon made its beginning in US in the year 1911. It was the American Viscose Company (A. V. C.) who started the

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A Visit to the ER :: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay

A Visit to the ER I did not want to be there, but visiting the emergency room was part of the local Youth Science Program. When I had first thought of becoming a doctor I was awed by the science involved. I frequently pictured myself as a "know it all" who saw patients and wrote prescriptions in an office. The thought of working in a hospital with extremely ill patients did not appeal to me. The emergency room presented the possibility of changing my mind about my career goals. I did not want to leave thinking that I no longer knew what I wanted to do. John, one of the Youth Science Program directors, handed me a lab coat. It was time to go, and in a daze I wondered if I would one day, wear a lab coat that read, "Patricia Reynoso, M.D." That day I met an Hispanic lady who had previously had two spontaneous abortions. This time she had vaginal bleeding and the fetal heart sound was not audible. Only an ultrasound would determine whether her baby was alive or not. While the doctors made the arrangements I kept her company. I did not know how she felt about me since she had only been told that I was a student who would translate for her. All I know is that at that moment, my conflicting feelings about being there were forgotten. Her apprehension over losing her third child and her inability to communicate with the people around her became my new concern. My early school days helped me relate to her situation. I will never forget the time I was sitting, Indian style, in front of my classroom. Some children held my arms against the wall while others poked fun at me in a language I did not understand. The frustration of being forced to contain my feelings inside was despicable. I was glad to be there for her at such an important moment. Her worry was greater than her pain and she needed someone who would listen to her. What made me happier was her asking me to be present during the ultrasound test. When one of the doctors said, "The baby's moving," there was no need to translate.

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Current State of Technology Essay

Apparently, the business establishment is currently using the traditional manual system of sales service processing. That of which includes an everyday set of recording and as an old practice it is unreliable because if someone forgets to write orders/sold products it can affect the outcome of the records. Considering that it is a small line of business, technically speaking there is a less need of those requirements. The problem arises when recently, one of the staff of the water station misplaced the records of the sales. Over time, they notice that the current manual system they’re using is not that reliable. In order to help the establishment to have a reliable and hassle free way of recording the sales, we recommended to the establishment to use POS system (Point of sales) to have easier recording of services. In this system, the establishment can record the sales every day, print daily reports and have a secure and easy to access data. After the installment of the system, we would continuously monitor the system and the establishment in order to maintain the quality of the system. The usual practice was to record the sales everyday on a sheet of paper based on the orders/item being bought in the store. In a regular day, staff record every item that are being bought in the store then it will be submitted to the owner. So, based on the above information, it would take a certain amount of time and effort for the system to be developed and become useful resolution for the company’s current problem. The Owners demanded a reliable and hassle free way of recording their sales everyday;

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The Success Of A Company - 943 Words

For rapid growth of a company, there is a need for good decision making on the issues such as the culture of the business, staff hiring and spread of entrepreneurial culture among others. During his lecture, the CEO of the BOX Company, he reveals that the culture of the firm in all branches is essential to the success of the business. Such culture includes hardworking, accountability, rapid-acting and collaborative culture. However for one reason or the other, CEO and managers may find themselves making a poor decision. Below are various reasons that lead to a poor decision in a company. Firstly, the tendency of relying on experience leads to a poor decision in an organization. Some leaders base their action on the previous success of failure. Just because one succeeded on the former act, it does not mean it apply to the next act. For example, some managers tend to borrow the ideas of the experience that seemed useful. Contrary, it does not always work that way. The ideas may not work on the current situation. Similarly, it is hard for a manager to transfer their success from one company to another even if one has the track on the prior records of success. Secondly, is corporate politics in the business premises. Some leaders are addicted to politics, and they tend to make their decisions basing on the political motivation. Political motives are a hindrance to objectives decision making and make it hard to manage tasks at hand. In most cases such leaders getShow MoreRelatedThe Success Of A Company1706 Words   |  7 Pagesn operational arrange is signifi cant to the success of a company. A well-designed structure arrange may be a roadmap for folks to perform the responsibilities expeditiously at intervals the organization. The operational arrange identifies the following: what task should be completed, the personnel accountable for finishing same task, the timeframe or point for finishing a task, and also the price associated to finish work. Select Few may be a staffing firm placed in sharer, Georgia. The corporateRead MoreThe Success Of A Company1707 Words   |  7 Pages Introduction An operational arrange is significant to the success of a company. A well-designed structure arrange may be a roadmap for folks to perform the responsibilities expeditiously at intervals the organization. The operational arrange identifies the following: what task should be completed, the personnel accountable for finishing same task, the timeframe or point for finishing a task, and also the price associated to finish work. Select Few may be a staffing firm placed in sharer, GeorgiaRead MoreThe Success Of A Company1706 Words   |  7 PagesAn operational arrange is significant to the success of a company. A well-designed structure arrange may be a roadmap for folks to perform the responsibilities expeditiously at intervals the organization. The operational arrange identifies the following: what task should be completed, the personnel accountable for finishing same task, the timeframe or point for finishing a task, and also the price associated to finish work. Select Few may be a staffing firm placed in sharer, Georgia. The corporateRead MoreThe Success Of A Company1169 Words   |  5 PagesThe success of a company relies greatly upon proper marketing. A company must have a proper mix of all elements and marketing efforts in order to produce desirable sales results. Product is one of the components used in the marketing mix to attract a company’s target market. In relation to the marketing mix product is defined as, an object or a service that is mass produced or manufactured on a large scale with specific volume of units. Determining the product or service and who it will be producedRead MoreThe Success Of A Company1967 Words   |  8 Pagesacknowledged as being successful. This paper is focusing on what success is for a company, the different areas that a company can achieve success, regarding the goals that are set, and through Coca – Cola‘s sustainability report will try to demonstrate which and how performance in dicators are used to form a successful organisation. DEFINE SUCCESS To define or measure success, firstly the organisational purpose must be decided. The purpose of a company is not always to become more profitable. Profit providesRead MoreThe Success Of A Company2409 Words   |  10 PagesPrior to 2003, Google was an unprofitable company that was looking for a stable revenue source. In 2003, Google launched Google AdWords, which is a program that allows businesses to advertise to people who search for things on Google.com. Almost overnight, Google went from being a simple search engine, to a highly effective advertising platform. â€Å"In 2008, Google reported to the SEC that it had generated $21 billion in advertising-driven revenue alone† (Willey, 2010). Making changes with an organizationRead MoreThe Success Of A Company3347 Words   |  14 PagesOrganisations are truly complex entities and for a company to be a success and provide a product or service to the best of its ability, the workforce need to be motivated, ambitious and determined to provide the highest possible quality work within specified time limits. There are numerous things that need to be acknowledged and handled within the organisations structure to ensure that staffs are happy and satisfied in the workplace, alongside the individual’s own personal goals and values. It isRead MoreThe Success Of A Company2183 Words   |  9 PagesThe success of a company is highly dependent on the workers associated with the company and their intellectual capital, it is what gives them the potential of becoming a leader. The word leadership ties numerous thoughts all being different. Many people see it as motivating a team of individuals and getting them to work toward a com mon goal. Whereas others see it as guiding a team toward a particular task. All these thoughts have a general sentiment which remains the same; leaders are ones who inspireRead MoreMeasuring The Success Of A Company1344 Words   |  6 PagesMeasuring the success of a company can be a grueling process if not done correctly. Taking a closer look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT Analysis), the price, product, place, promotion (The Four P’s), the microenvironment and the demographics can give the company a deeper view of how well they are performing. Each analysis supplies adequate information for the company to make modifications to better serve their target market. A firm addressing the strengths and weaknessesRead MoreDiversity For Success Of The Company1036 Words   |  5 Pagesdiversity is critical. Therefore, based on the extensive information offered touching on diversity in the workplace, I will be utilizing the book to draw on the ways the managers of an organization ought to handle the issue of diversity for success of the company. The article authored by Cox, bearing the recent trends in business globally, together with gender and ethnic diversity, which is on the rise, and forcing the managers to value of cultural differences. The article provides the essence of